About Anthony Poponi


(Canadian users please visit my “Aboot” page, ok eh?)


At my core, I am focused on reducing suffering and inspiring more joy & fulfillment at the levels of the individual, the workplace and the community. People are struggling, burned out, and directionless more so than ever before. We’re disengaged and looking for inspiration, deeper connection and a sense of purpose—and this is challenging our workplaces at a time when we need to get the most out of our people.

We’ve been led astray, seeking happiness by chasing the myths marketed to us. My work is centered on refocusing on the 40% of our happiness that we control through the active crafting of our lives which includes pushing through the hard parts. I’ve been told I’m “tenacious about my happiness.” I love that phrase and want to bring that mindset of actively crafting a fulfilling life to my audiences.


Humans are wired to feel good when connecting with others, and events are a huge part of what’s been missing since the whole pandemic thing started. Conferences, retreats and team-building are important opportunities to reconnect and reengage. So, I urge you to make your events fun and inspirational by finding the right talent (ahem, cough, me).

And events are hard to pull off. I have over two decades of experience presenting at events of all types including grand galas, festivals, corporate events, conferences and intimate parties. You get this vast experience in a human smoothie of “subject matter expert” and “comedic genius” on stage and BOOM! Your event goes from “good” to “memorable” and “talked about.”


In my work, I take pride in solving challenges for businesses and for associations looking to provide value for their members. When at home, I’m honored to be part of a community of caring, passionate, driven and yet funky people in Bend, Oregon. Service is important to me and I find joy in volunteering my time as a Board member for the Boys & Girls Clubs of BendCommute Options, and I’ve also emceed about every community event under the sun. It lights me up!


When I’m not working, I’m usually outside seeking open spaces and especially water. You can find me exploring the breadth of life’s humbling experiences through snowboarding (below average) and playing hockey (really poorly). When snow turns to water, I’ll be rafting (flipping) and fishing (it’s not called catching for a reason), on my motorcycle (generally not enjoying), hiking, and smiling while mountain biking. Or navigating a series of near-death experiences on a surfboard. I’m having fun.

Performing improv and live comedy keeps my brain churning and making people laugh and engage with life is an element of my purpose. I occasionally have a bruised and scraped-up body (and almost always a bruised ego). But I’m happy.